Since the inception of the Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc., it has been and still is the intent that we bring together a group of saints, who will put away mundane things such as denominational issues. We endeavor to build God a church, a nation, and kingdom, where others can come magnify, glorify and praise God; receive deliverance, healing, salvation and divine purpose for their lives. We will not hinder anyone from ministering the way God gives it to him or her, as long as they are being truly led of God.

The organization had its humble beginnings when Chief Apostle was serving as Youth Coordinator of the Leesburg House of God Saints in Christ. He was inspired to hold youth celebrations and from this task in the church; he was led to move into another realm in the spirit. In January of 1990, Chief Apostle and some of our fallen leaders met in Atlanta, GA to organize Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc. After much prayer and meditation, the unction caused him to relocate his membership in 1991 and started Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc.

This organization has grown from a few faithful saints, who would come together each year to hold an annual convocation, to a delegation of more than 2,000 attendees. The first few years of inception, the convocation was held at the Heritage House Hotel in Downtown Albany, GA. Following the flood of 1994, it was moved to the Greater Mt. Pligrim Baptist church. The name has changed and it is now known as The Rivers of Living Water International Church. Apostle Jimmy Sneed has graciously opened his doors year after year for the Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc. to hold their annual meeting. Our special thanks to Apostle Sneed, Rev. Charlene Glover and Rev. Cecil Strawer for assisting in this blessing. Additionally, during the flood, The Litman Memorial House of God Saints in Christ, Inc. Church in Albany opened their doors and fellowship hall for services. Special thanks to Bishop A.F Caldwell, Th.D and the church family for this act of kindness.