5Jul 2015
Jul 5, 2015

National Youth Department

Vision: The youth ministry of Celebration of Praise Ministries seeks to become a comprehensive ministry and training ground with a holistic approach for preparing future leaders as productive Christians who are fortified with the necessary resources to enter adulthood as disciples of Jesus Christ, who realize their full potential, and are able to make progressive contributions to the Kingdom of God.

Mission: The purpose of the youth ministry of Celebration of Praise Ministries is to help facilitate and fulfill the vision of COP by reaching the youth through relevant, unique, creative, structured events and activities designed to present the Gospel while promoting spiritual growth, personal development, and community involvement.

Values & Principles: Within the Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc., we have a goal to bring young people together in a life of faith, achievement, and fellowship. Additionally, we aim to address spiritual, emotional, and social needs unique to youth.

We are committed to empowering and inspiring our young people to live complete lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek to reach this generation through a variety of creative expressions of spiritual principles and doctrines, empowering them to operate in ministry, witness to unbelievers, and maintain a lasting relationship with Christ.

Our youth ministry values:

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    • Acceptance: our youth will recognize and acknowledge that we are all children of God, uniquely designed with purpose.
    • Prayer: Our youth will be people of prayer, for their own lives and for others.
    • Praise: Our youth will uphold the namesake of the ministry by always offering sincere praise and worship to God as His creation.
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Our youth will manifest love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.[/custom_list]
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