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Archbishop Q.S. Caldwell, Th.D., D.D

Founder & Chief Apostle – Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc.

There are a few places you will travel on this side of Heaven without hearing the great name of Archbishop Q.S. Caldwell, Th.D., D.D. Recognized for his pragmatic approach and cutting-edge revelations, Archbishop Caldwell has traveled across the world: preaching, teaching, lecturing, encouraging, and strengthening the faith of people everywhere. He enables thousands to experience restoration, healing, and financial breakthroughs because of applying biblical principles to their lives. His passion filled sermons touch the lives of those seeking God’s restoration, reconciliation, and healing. He is a man of character, integrity, and wisdom. Archbishop Caldwell is a man with a God given mission for ministering to the holistic man’s spirit, mind, and body. Archbishop Caldwell has been in ministry since May 1977. He continues to travel extensively throughout the United States conducting revivals, crusades, and workshops. Through this ministry, a vast number of God’s people support and follow this organization. He is a worldwide evangelist, prophet, a divine healer, and a renowned saxophonist.


A preeminent scholar, Archbishop Caldwell received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Arts and Biblical Studies, as well as a master’s degree in Theology from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. He has also earned a Doctor of Theology from Guadalupe Theological Seminary in San Antonio, Texas and a Doctor of Divinity degree in Pastoral Administration from Living Faith School of Ministries in Champaign, Illinois. He has received numerous awards and citations of achievements from academic, religious, and civic organizations. He is the full time Pastor of Joy Temple of Lenox in Lenox, GA; Greater Joy Cathedral in Albany, GA; as well as Joy Temple of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL, where each ministry is continuing to grow. The Archbishop is a man who clearly hears the voice of the Lord. He was given a vision and he wrote it plain. However, the vision was only for an appointed time.


In January of 1991, Archbishop Caldwell formed Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc. It was organized for the sole purpose of bring Christians together across the barrier lines of denominational issues, to put away mundane things, to worship and praise God together as one united Body in Christ.


This organization allows ministers and pastors to have freedom of pastoring, edifying, and evangelizing as the Spirit leads along with ministering under the auspices of Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc. Celebration of praise Ministries, Inc consists of more than 60 churches in the United States and in foreign countries. Celebration of Praise Ministries, Inc. Holy Convocation convenes in the month of February each year. Therefore, as you can see, Archbishop’s vision did not tarry but it surely came to pass.


Additionally, Archbishop Caldwell’s ministry includes the ordination and consecration of ministers, elders, evangelists, and Bishops. He also serves as an advisor to other leads, organizations, and ministries. He loves people and it can be said that he is a man of God raised up rapidly to do a quick work among the men and women in the earth. Some of his favorite says are: “It’s Not Over Yet, “Don’t Break Down Before Your Breakthrough”, “It’s Heavy but Bear It”, “Fight Until You Can’t Fight No More”, “And…I’m Still Anointed”, “I Didn’t Choose, but I Won’t Change It”, “You Won’t Die Where the Enemy Left You”. Archbishop Caldwell is the son of the Late Bishop Andrew F. Caldwell, Sr and the Late Dr. B.W. Caldwell. He is the older brother of Andrew F. Caldwell, Jr. He is the godson of the Late Bishop J.L. Litman, II and the Late Mother Shirly B. Litman, as well as the godson of the Late Bishop William Bryant and the Late Mother Rebecca Bryant.

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